HD 7924

HD 7924 is the first installment in the Photon Ecstasy catalog. It is divided into three major sections, one for each of the exoplanets in the system. The sounds of HD 7924 include spoken text, original field recordings, live sound processing, and a range of instruments: trombone, benjolin modular synth, Nintendo Game Boy, and  Merlin Music Machine (a hand-held computer game from 1978 that was one of the earliest digital sequencers.)

The benjolin modular synth is designed as a chaotic circuit, so that while it can be guided, it can never be fully controlled in a predictable manner. It requires constant attention and intentional listening, especially when partnered with the trombone. Pushing beyond the expected chiptune aesthetic, we use rhythm circles to generate universal rhythmic patterns for the Nintendo Game Boy and the Merlin Music Machine.



Star typeK-Type main-sequence
Alternate names: BD+75°58, GCRV 766, Gliese 56.5, GSC04494-01396, HIP 6379, 2MASSJ01215911+7642372, PPM 4675, SAO 4386,TYC 4494-1346-1, Wo 9054
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Right ascension: 01h 21m 59.11s
Declination: 76° 42′ 37.0″
Distance: 54.8 ± 0.4 light years (16.8 ± 0.1 parsecs)

  • HD 7924 b – super-Earth type (mass greater than Earth, but smaller than Uranus)
    • Mass: ≥8.68 ± 0.52 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 5.39792 Earth days
  • HD 7924 c – super-Earth type
    • Mass: ≥7.86 ± 0.72 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 15.299 Earth days
  • HD 7924 d – super-Earth type
    • Mass: ≥6.44 ± 0.79 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 24.451 Earth days