Kepler–19 was composed for mezzo-soprano Jessica Bowers. In the spirit of NASA’s Golden Record, which sent Earth-music on the Voyager missions, this music incorporates Vincenzo Bellini’s La Sonnambula into its droning textures.


Star typeG-type main-sequence (similar to Sol)
Alternate names: TYC 3134-1549-1, 2MASS J19214099+3751064, GSC 03134-01549, KOI-84
Constellation: Lyra
Right ascension:19h 21m 41.002s
Declination: 37° 51′ 06.42″


  • Kepler–19 b
    • Mass: ~1 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 9.287 Earth days (0.025 Earth years)
  • Kepler–19 c – super-Jupiter type (mass smaller than Earth, likely a rocky planet)
    • Mass: < 6 Jupiter Mass
    • Orbital Period:160 Earth days (0.438 Earth years)