DP Leonis

DP Leonis was composed for a performance with Elizabeth A Baker at the 2017 Florida International Toy Piano Festival. The performers improvise patterns based on rhythms that are rotations of the other performers’ rhythms. The ideas in this piece are derived from the rhythm circle scholarship by Godfried Toussaint.



Star typeeclipsing binary system comprised of a white dwarf and a  red dwarf
Alternate names: V* DP Leo, X 11146+182
Constellation: Leo
Right ascension: 11h 17m 16.00s
Declination: 17° 57′ 41.1″
Distance: 1304 light years (400 parsecs)

  • DP Leonis b – super-Earth type (mass greater than Earth, but smaller than Uranus)
    • Mass: 6.28 ± 0.58 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 8693 Earth days (23.8 Earth years)