DP Leonis

Star typeeclipsing binary system comprised of a white dwarf and a  red dwarf
Alternate names: V* DP Leo, X 11146+182
Constellation: Leo
Right ascension: 11h 17m 16.00s
Declination: 17° 57′ 41.1″
Distance: 1304 light years (400 parsecs)

  • DP Leonis b – super-Earth type (mass greater than Earth, but smaller than Uranus)
    • Mass: 6.28 ± 0.58 Earth Mass
    • Orbital Period: 8693 Earth days (23.8 Earth years)

Broadcast Manual prepared by: MG & DM
Broadcast date(s):

  • Broadcast test: DP Leonis 
    October 28, 2016, NoMad Loft (location classified)
    Broadcast engineered by MG (Merlin) & DM (Game Boy) with Elizabeth A. Baker (toy piano)