I offer you [video]

Images by Nicole Antebi & l'Artiste ordinaire


I offer you
by Nicole Antebi with l’Artiste ordinaire

Animation: Nicole Antebi
Music and Performance; Text Arrangement: l’Artiste ordinaire

Media: 2 voices, Merlin, Nintendo Game Boy,  projected animation
Year: 2018
Duration: 10 minutes

With text from:
Jorge Luis Borges: What can I hold you with?
Marina Tsvetaeva: xxx
Paul Celan: Corona
Vasko Popa: Far Away Within Us, Poeme no. 22
Charles Pierre Baudelaire: The Death of Lovers / La Mort des Amants

Nicole Antebi and l’Artiste ordinaire created I offer you for a 2018 performance at Multilingual Poetry Reading, curated by Tansy Xiao (Raincoat Society) at the Brooklyn Art Library. To create unexpected alignments, they borrowed procedural constraints from the literary movement, Oulipo. Antebi’s animation of patterns from an antique book of french textiles merges with l’Artiste ordinaire’s vocal duet of recombined poetry and ultraminimal electronic dance music.

Nicole Antebi makes things that move, loop, and sometimes hold. nicoleantebi.com

l’Artiste ordinaire is a collaboration between Melissa Grey & David Morneau. We create sound in performance.