Mission. Vision. Values. Practices.

photo by Dennis Bathory-KitszMISSION STATEMENT
We create and share transformative aesthetic experiences that are rooted in sound and seep out to include poetry, design, art, and interactive technology.

photo by Yuri Pires TavaresVISION STATEMENT
We imagine a future where extraordinary ideas are manifested through careful and enlightened work in order to create the foundation for elevated human interactions.

photo by Mark ZakiCORE VALUES
Connecting Creativity – We embrace a collaborative creative process that values exploration, improvisation, and openness.

Connecting Ideas – We believe in the power of ideas to strengthen each other, to open up new worlds, and to lead us into a better future.

Connecting People – We pursue positive relationships with creators and listeners who are open, curious, and kind, because who we share our time with matters.

photo by Marc FiauxCORE PRACTICES
Listen Actively – Listening is a fundamental tool for human growth and understanding: we find peace by listening deep within our own bodies, we form connections by listening to others, and we learn about the world by listening to it vibrate through us.

Work Carefully – A meticulous approach to work—practicing the crafts, refining our tools, considering every detail—results in quality creations.

Learn Always – Without learning there is no growth. Without growth there is no evolution. Continuous evolution brings us closer to becoming our best selves. Research is a fundamental element of our creative process.

[photo credits (from top): Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Yuri Pires Tavares, Mark Zaki, Marc Fiaux]