Trappist–1 is composed to activate the acoustic properties of the performance space. We create ringing clouds of sound that resonate with the room. These clouds fade into silences, allowing for the interpenetration of the sonic environment, here the groaning of […]


Kepler–37 is a performance for blindfolded performers who share a single benjolin synthesizer. The blindfolds force us to confront the inherently chaotic nature of the benjolin’s circuitry through active listening. Being unable to see either the settings of the knobs […]


Kepler–19 was composed for mezzo-soprano Jessica Bowers. In the spirit of NASA’s Golden Record, which sent Earth-music on the Voyager missions, this music incorporates Vincenzo Bellini’s La Sonnambula into its droning textures.   Star type: G-type main-sequence (similar to Sol) Alternate names: TYC 3134-1549-1, 2MASS […]

DP Leonis

DP Leonis was composed for a performance with Elizabeth A Baker at the 2017 Florida International Toy Piano Festival. The performers improvise patterns based on rhythms that are rotations of the other performers’ rhythms. The ideas in this piece are […]

HD 7924

HD 7924 is the first installment in the Photon Ecstasy catalog. It is divided into three major sections, one for each of the exoplanets in the system. The sounds of HD 7924 include spoken text, original field recordings, live sound […]

NGC 2632

width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>   Star type: Open Cluster Alternate names: Beehive Cluster, Praesepe (Latin for “manger”), M44, or Cr 189 Constellation: Cancer Right ascension: 08h 40.4m Declination: 19° 59′ Distance: 577 light years (177 parsecs) Planets: Pr0201b – hot Jupiter […]

Photon Ecstasy (HD 7924 b) [sneak preview]

l’Artiste ordinaire performed a sneak preview of Photon Ecstasy (HD 7924 b) at the North Country Electronic Music Festival in Burlington, Vermont, on September 10, 2016.     width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”>

Photon Ecstasy Development 2

Enjoy our second public preview featuring Melissa on her Merlin Music Machine and David on his Nintendo Game Boy width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”>

Photon Ecstasy Development 1

We spent a lot of time last week making initial decisions about the shape and sound of Photon Ecstasy. As part of the process we recorded over 8.5 hours of improvisations and experiments. This excerpt of Benjolin synth and trombone […]

7^3 [M]

live performance by Melissa Grey & David Morneau for Soft Series no.4 – Miolina Benjolin synthesizer + Nintendo Game Boy   width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”>

27th Day of May

Benjolin with a beat, created via email on May 27, 2016.   width=”100%” height=”166″ frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”>

Gadget Berry Dimple: A Glossary of False Translation

Gadget Berry Dimple: A Glossary of False Translation transforms the poetry of Hugo Ball using Oulipian games, a Benjolin synthesizer, and a vintage Merlin music machine. Our poem appears in Circumference, a journal of poetry in translation. The original poem: Gadji […]

Hyperlocal 2.0

Hyperlocal was composed by Melissa Grey and is scored for bass clarinet and sine waves that slowly ascend and descend, venturing beyond the range of human hearing. A quiet beat is audible throughout and signifies the arrival of a new […]